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Shantiniketan Public School was launched in 2010 & since then we have rapidly changed the face of School education in the country. Our goal is to not create bookworms, but to have all-round and well developed leaders, who will be good human beings, and will work towards our country’s growth. We conform to the government and court laden rules for providing mandatory education to all. Our success as one of the leading education service provider, raised the expectations of many hopeful parents, who were keen to see their children continue to blossom under our guidance. This inspired us to start the CBSE School, we are setting new benchmarks by REINVENTING EDUCATION. We educate the child for happiness.

Our Programmes from NURSERY, Jr. KG. Sr. KG and from I Grade to 12 standard nurtures the child and helps build a strong base for excellent carrier. Our PHONICS and MATHS programmes for preprimary make learning easy and fun for children. Our staff members are well qualified, skilled and trained educators and always strive towards the good education.

Why choose us ?

At Shantiniketan Public School, we are redefining early child care education for over 7 years with focus on providing a fun-based learning environment. Our ‘Child-First’ ideology at the core of our pedagogy enables us to ensure your child’s development, safety and engagement needs are met in a home like environment. This 360-degree engagement makes Shantiniketan Public School Your Child’s Second Home!

Principal’s message

Welcome to SHANTINIKETAN PUBLIC SCHOOL (CBSE). The school is an Independent, Government recognized Public School catering for students from Kindergarten to std. 7 this year. Subsequently the classes will be started up to Std.12. Our school has a history of excellence in student achievement, academic, cultural and sporting pursuits. We are part of the SSPM and work collaboratively with these schools to pursue best practices to achieve success for our students.

Our aim at SHANTINIKETAN PUBLIC SCHOOL (CBSE) is to provide a warm and caring environment where children thrive. The school aims to provide opportunities for children to develop their intellectual, physical, social, cultural and emotional skills. We aim to provide all children with an education program that is relevant, inspiring and caters for their individual needs. We conduct various co holistic activities to develop the children. In this way, your child’s achievements are our achievements.

Teaching staff at our school are experienced, dedicated and motivated in providing a stimulating learning environment that challenges and supports student learning. A collaborative approach and a process of self-reflection is well established in the school which leads to further improvement in the delivery of the CBSE curriculum and in a shared understanding of assessment and moderation practices.

The school motto, ‘Courtesy and Consideration’ is at the centre of our ethos and is exhibited and expected from students, staff, families and the wider community.

A priority of the school is to connect with its community. Parents are welcome to take an active role within the school. Parent’s feedback is always collected and works on that feedback. Parents and students are our main stake holder. We have an enthusiastic School Board and opportunities are also available for parents to be involved in the school through the PTA, special classroom programs, class excursions and a variety of other school activities.


Mrs. Tripti Arora,


Director’s message

Greetings to all!

Welcome to the SHANTINIKETAN PUBLIC SCHOOL (CBSE). I am extremely proud to be the Director of a school that has a long history of providing quality education and which is so strongly supported by the local community, resulting increase in intake of the school.

At our school, we strive for excellence in academic achievement and promote the development of the whole child through strong co-curriculum. Our teaching learning model is based on activity learning and self learning method. We educate our students to be enthusiastic, curious learners who know and understand themselves as individuals and productive community members. They are resilient, numerate users of multiple literacy’s and socially competent.

Our school is purpose built for learning and open to all the community. It has the cooler and motion that stimulates and supports learning and a school climate that fosters personal and social growth. Learning takes place through purposeful, structured inquiry, developed in a safe, happy and supportive environment. This contributes towards the development of independent, confident and resilient learners. We aim to prepare students to meet the challenges of an ever-changing global society, where they will have the skills, values, understandings and courage to undertake a positive, productive and rewarding role in that world. I assure that our students will leave the School with their heads held high, looking forward to the future with confidence.

The Special Services Department continues to work in collaboration with classroom teachers, families and the community to support students in reaching their goals!

Quietly moving forward towards realizing its vision "EDUCATION FOR HAPPINESS", SPS humbly seeks your patronage and association. You are welcome to visit us & experience the promise of a brighter future.

With best wishes!!

Dr. Aadhish


Our Belief

Each child is unique and learning programmes should be personalised to meet each child's need.

A child’s curiosity and eagerness to learn must be encouraged.

Building a strong foundation during the formative years equips the child for the future.

Children must develop positive character traits and a realistic self-image

Honing the intellectual, physical, linguistic, social, emotional and moral skills will ensure the holistic development of the child.

Care Children have an immense capacity for learning, imagination, creativity and self-expression. With care and nourishment, in the right learning environment combined with the right teaching methods, core cognitive, social, physical, emotional and creative abilities of children develop, accelerate and strengthen

Communication Parents are partners with Shantiniketan Public School in the early childhood journey of their children. Effective and constant communication with parents is key to the overall development of the child.

Our Vision

Shantiniketan Public School is a community of lifelong learners that demonstrates the knowledge, skills and values required for productive global citizenship. To enrich the journey of education by giving qualitative education imbibing strong Indian culture and moral value in students and excellence in all spheres without discrimination and prepare not just to make their living but to make their lives.


The mission of school is to provide a learning environment that encourages children to bring out the best in themselves and enables their all-round development through the joy of learning, enduring values and the celebration of diversity.



We will have productive, supportive and healthy relationships with all our stakeholders.


Everyone within the system will be responsible for the positive development of the child.

Right for the child

All our actions revolve around what is right for the child.

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